Re-tuning radios

So, it’s illegal to use channel 69 now, but what if you’ve still got some gear tuned to that region- or is it worth your while picking up second hand gear tuned to other frequencies?

Almost all these modifications require swapping out components in the systems, some are cheaper than others.  Let me know if you’ve got any info on other brands/models (Micron?, Zaxcom?)

Sennheiser price list is up here: [PDF] (prices are ex VAT)

Lectrosonics here: [PDF] (US prices, ex VAT)

Audio Limited 2040’s are around £750+ VAT per TX/RX pair, older models (2020, 2000 series can’t be modified)

Sony DWX series- I’ve been quoted £558+VAT for the DWR-S01D receiver last year.  However I’ve also seen warranty packs in the states for US$215 or so (although not to CH38)

It’s also been pointed out to me that there’s another list on the IPS site (from December 2010):

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