I’ve been having a bit of a look round at cases- Most of my jobs are with a reasonably light kit and I’ll get there on public transport.  I’ve been looking at Peli cases, which are made to withstand environmental extremes, but I could probably do with something a bit lighter.  For the last couple of years I’ve made do with a backpack, along with having my sound bag on but there’s the odd time where ‘I could have really done with that’.  Also something where I can use dividers should also help finding things quickly, instead of having to root around at the bottom of the bag for that obscure adapter.

Stuff I’m having a look at:

Lowepro Pro Roller X300  – A self-shooting director I work with bought one of these for his C300.  Being able to use the inside as a backpack’s nice.  It’s got 35L capacity, which is only a bit more than I’ve got now.  Weight 6.1kg

Petrol PA1003 – Really like the 2 layer design, *looks* quite big although the interior specs seem to say otherwise (30L, maybe only counts 1 layer as main compartment?).  It’s also quite heavy (8.1kg) There’s a video up here:

Kata FlyBy-77   – Lightest of the lot (4.1kg) and pushes 40L capacity, although some of that is from being a bit deeper.  Is also good as airline carry-on.  Wonder if reduced weight= less protection, though?

Lighting bags? Petrol PL2003 etc
They’d need extra dividers to cushion stuff, but they’ve certainly got enough space in.  You can also put a whole boompole and/or mic stand in lengthways on the longer ones.

Also as an alternative to Peli cases, I’ve been pointed at B&W cases, they’re made in smaller sizes and are considerably cheaper with dividers.

Anyone used any of these, or have any other ideas?

Here’s a comparison table

int L(cm) W(cm) D(cm) vol (L) Weight (kg) ££ (inc VAT)
Peli 1560 51.6 39 17.8 35.82 9.07 252.91
Peli 1610 56.2 43.1 21.6 52.32 10.2 328.62
Peli 1650 74 46 22 74.89 16.1 373.94
B&W Type 66 53.5 36 19.5 37.56 6.6* 180
B&W Type   70 67.5 42.5 22 63.11 9* 252
Lowepro x300 37 17.5 55.5 35.94 6.6 338
Petrol   PA1003 58 27 20 31.32 8.1 186
Kata FB77 53 33 22 38.48 4.175 215
Petrol   PL2003 (+trolley) 73 35 21 53.66 7.77 238.77
Petrol   PL2004 (+trolley) 88 35 21 64.68 8.6 262.21

*no weight with internal dividers given (expect to be similar to Peli cases)

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  1. Richard!
    I’m sending you a photo later today of a spare case I have available.
    Its castored and completely empty but lined and might fit your bill.

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