Sennheiser 8000 series microphones
Very compact high quality microphones with extended frequency response

Full AKG ULS modular system
Super quiet and accurate mic system, with capsules for all situations in both stereo and mono.  Good for both dialogue capture, stereo pairs or spot mics

Ambient ATE208 Emesser
Figure of 8 mic, used to capture the sides in M/S stereo techniques.  Can be used in boom setups

Beyerdynamic M58N(C) Reporter’s microphone
Near-indestructible omnidirectional mic, which, if close to the source can get decent sound in the most hostile situations.  Also good for recording car exhausts

Various contact mics, EM coils and hydrophones for more experimental techniques

Suitable boompoles, mounts and windshields for all of the above

Radio Microphones

DPA 4071 and 4061 lavalier microphones
For their size, these microphones sound incredible
Sennheiser MKE1
One of the world’s smallest microphones

Sennheiser SK5212-II radio transmitters (HiDyn Plus)
Small and shiny, these also have clean preamps, limiters and operate over a wide range of frequencies
Sennheiser SKP3000 plug-on transmitter
Plug in any microphone, and it’s wireless

Wisycom MCR42 receivers
These have 2 receiver circuits per channel and pick the best signal.  They can also work with most other manufacturer’s transmitters and can find clear space worldwide

Sennheiser ew300 IEM foldback system
So other people on set can hear what’s going on in the wonderful world of sound

Zaxcom Camera Link
Broadcast quality 2 channel system which can wirelessly send digital audio from mixer to camera.  With RX200 receiver and various camera mounting solutions


Sonosax SX-R4+ 16 channel time code recorder
Small yet very capable recorder.  4 top quality preamps with dual ADC giving extended dynamic range. 8 additional mic amps can be added with an SX-AD8+

Sound Devices Pix 270i
64 channel + Video ‘bit bucket’, for the big jobs.  Can also work as a very powerful format converter and SDI embedder.  Can be used in conjunction with an RME Madiface XT as a digital mixer as a fully battery powered mobile solution or larger consoles.

Also, headphones, stands, monitors and whatever else is required for your shoot or recording to go smoothly.  I also have good relationships with a number of London rental houses and other recordists, so I can get hold of just about anything that’s required