Richard Thomas: London based location sound recordist

Hello, I’m Richard.  I’m a freelance sound recordist.

Based in London, UK and definitely willing to travel.  With over 10 years experience working in production sound as a sound recordist, production sound mixer and assistant, I have dealt with many different situations on shoots, for different clients in different places.  This experience allows me to know what will and won’t work in the edit, or what post-production can do, allowing the director to capture the content and/or performance they require. Most problems aren’t solved with a magic microphone or pressing the right button, it’s a case of working well with other people to sort things out.

What I do:

Covering a wide range of work including  Documentary, Drama, Corporate, Commercial, multi-cam / reality TV and location music recording; I can come up with solutions for problems you may be facing and have the skills to deliver high quality recordings.  I’ve worked on major feature films and sound supervised multi cam shows.   I also have experience in interactive work and working with artists, both for installation and performance.  If you can think of something, I can help in making it a reality.   Let me know what you’re doing and I can send you a quote. You can see my credits here.


All equipment hired from me is built for professional use and is of high quality, therefore I can provide very compact yet flexible setups, up to larger rigs which can cover almost all eventualities.  Equipment can be supplied which ensures all cameras and sound equipment stays in sync with matching timecode.  This can save hours of post production work.  There will also be a backup plan in case of any piece of equipment failure.  It’s also not just about knowing what all the buttons and knobs do; I know how all my kit works so can quickly identify any faults and perform field repairs.

Member of the Institute of Professional Sound
Member of the Association of Motion Picture Sound

For any enquires please send me an email-
or phone on +44 (0)7888731466