Kaoss Pad KP3 DC powering

Just as a note as it doesn’t seem to be anywhere else on the internet (and was quite tricky to find out): the power connector for the Korg Kaoss Pad 3 is JEITA RC-5320A JSBP4 standard:

Outer diameter is 5.5mm
Inner diameter is 3.3mm
Centre diameter pin is 1mm

Plug I used was a Lumberg 1636 04

It’s also nowhere as greedy as the PSU is specified, it’ll boot up with as little as 9V 100mA

This may also be applicable to other Kaoss Pads and other Korg products.

And using alien power supplies may invalidate your warranty etc etc

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  1. Hiya,
    Cheers for the information couldn’t find it anywhere, i am an absolute beginner when it comes to things like this however the Dc barrel socket (think its called that) has snapped on the inner portion and need to replace the socket, is the LUMBERG 1613 09 Socket a direct replacement? and is it as simple as soldering the old one out and soldering this into the board?

    1. Hi Anthony,
      I put it up as I couldn’t find it either and took quite a bit of research. It might be worth opening it up to have a look at the connector as it might have legs in a different place. There’s another socket that fits the PSU too- 1613 10. It should be a case of de-soldering and soldering on a new component if there is an issue, but if you get the board too hot you can damage other components, you can either do it at your own risk or if you’re not comfortable see if there’s someone that does electronics repair near you who can do it (doesn’t need to be a korg specialist).



  2. Thanks for putting this up!

    I’ve been sharing my 1 power supply between my Korg KP3 and Korg Micro-x for a while now… revamping my studio setup and want to get both working simultaneously.

    You’re right, difficult to find information!

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