Multiple Recorders

I’ve been asked to provide 6 individual isolated tracks for a job next week, and the most either of my recorders do is 4.  I gave production the option of hiring a lovely Sound Devices 788T but they weren’t too keen on the cost.

So, here’s what I’ve made:


I’ve also found that the Edirol R-44 does have Word Clock over the CTRL Sync jack- if you plug it in to the Tascam HD-P2 they’ll sync.

If we’ve also got all the correct cables these also will be synched up to a Nagra VI run by a second recordist- 12 channels, voila!

The mixer’s mainly there so I can monitor both recorders at once

I ran them for 30mins with a mic attached to the mixer (going into both recorders) and didn’t see any deviation of file lengths (although the start/stop times were slightly different)

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