DIY Windshield Protectors

After a couple of mentions from other soundies- I thought I’d make something to protect my windjammers, my old one’s got a bit squashed in the back of a backpack going to and from jobs.  So to protect it from knocks and keep its shape I thought putting it in some kind of tube could help.

I bought 1m of 4″ waste pipe for £10.  I found, after a lot of struggling with a hacksaw that heating them up with a heat gun lets you cut through them with a knife with ease.  I cut lengths a bit longer than the total length of the windshields, and then around an inch out lengthways along the pipe.  At the moment they’re a tight fit (especially on the newer Rycote) and require stretching a little to get them on and off, although they seem to work.

Protip: Don’t use the microphones with the drainpipes on.  They’re far from acoustically transparent and quite heavy.

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  1. Richard – James here (a friend of Dons). I think it was us who was having this chat a few weeks back!?

    I stumbled across this website by pure accident while browsing around, very nice by the way. This is the pipe thing I was talking about the other day, just thought I’d share… Id love to find the time to make one myself, although on the flipside it does make everything quite large, good if you have a car I suppose!

    Hope you are good.

  2. My WS1 with the cover is carried around in the back of a backpack. That case looks much nicer than mine, but it’s also a lot bigger

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