Travel NP1 charger

I’ve been looking for a small NP1 charger for a while- something which came to mind after I’ve had a few jobs where I’ve been away for a few days and didn’t want to take my big 4 bay one.

I think I’ve found quite a neat solution after finding some 14.4V Li-Ion chargers on ebay being sold by Audioroot (French company which makes high-end power distribution systems and portable microphone preamplifiers).

I bought a couple of these (one’s going spare if anyone’s interested) and soldered on a female hirose socket (HR10-7J-4S) so I can just attach an NP1 shoe with a hirose plug.

It also *may* work with the unregulated flying lead on the Hawk Woods battery distributors, but I’ve emailed them to confirm- so I don’t blow something up

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  1. That’s a great idea! I just tried to search for audioroot on ebay and came up with nothing. Any more details? Price? How quickly does it fully charge a 70 w/h NP1?

    Dave Wendlinger
    San Francisco, CA

  2. Hey Richard nice idea, tell me did you ever get a reply from Hawkwoods on the regulated shoe?

    Mull of Kintyre (SCO)

    1. Thanks Kenny! Never heard back, I’ll open it up and have a look if it’s got anything inside that’s likely to explode. Was meaning to add a voltmeter to my NP1 shoe, inspired by Paul Taylor anyway. I’ve still got a spare one of these in the drawer btw

  3. Hi Richard
    I love the idea of a travel charger instead of packing the IDX JL-2. I have a similar one (Tenergy Smart Charger) and would like to find out how you wired your NP1 adapter. Do you use the other 2 pins in the Hirose?
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    1. Hi Sebastian, I think I wired pins 1&2 to ground and 3&4 to +ve. Mainly because the wires from the charger are quite fat. Should work either way as 2&3 shouldn’t be connected on the other end

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