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I’ve just gone and purchased a recorder- a Sonosax SX-R4.  A rare second hand example came up and I thought I couldn’t really miss the chance to get it.

It may be small but can record up to 8 channels on HDD, plus a 2 track mix on CF card.  It’s also got 4 excellent Sonosax preamps (the same as in my 3 channel mixer), although less precise control over LF cutoff points.

I’ll be looking to make some additions to it in time, I still need to make up cables for timecode and the accessory port, so I can use the digital in. And I’d like to use a passive mixer to allow greater control of my mix, feeding that back into the M32 mix bus. I think I’ll look into putting one together myself.  There’s also a serial bus in the accessory port – I’ve sent Sonosax an email to see what that can do (possible remote commands?).

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  1. Hi Rich,
    just testing my good old 744T against the 688, SX 62r and SX R4+. After the first day, it seems like I will go for the R4+ together with a M32 until the AD8+ arrives. So I am looking into bag options and came across your page. So my question is: which bag are you using? Is that the K-Tek Small Audio Mixer / Recorder bag?
    Thanks for help!

    1. Hi Axel,

      Thanks for the comment- the R4+ is good, isn’t it? I’m using the K-tek stingray junior at the moment, although I can’t fit the SX-M32 in as well. I’m having a think about this as I’ll be wanting to get an RC8+ when it’s ready and may see if KT Systems will make me something very small and light or get a K-tek small. I’ll do an update and show my current setup, I’ve slimmed it down quite a bit

  2. Haha, I meant RC8+, not AC8+, sorry 😉 But in the pictures above, this is the Jubior bag? On their website I only see one compartment, you have two there (one the R4 – without the plus – and one the M32). This would work for me I guess. I did some testing today. Not sure yet about having no limiters. It definitely clipped at a certain point. The 688 clipped as well, the 62r and 744T didn’t (same gaining). But the 744 sounded just terrible compared to the other options, the Sonosax much clearer and with iZotope RX even clipping is not that much of an issue. Will investigate tomorrow if 32 and recording with more headroom give the same results – or better / more flexible. If you are interested in some audio files drop me an email. And thanks a ton for the speedy reply!!

    1. Ah, the R4+ doesn’t fit in that bag unfortunately, it’s a little wider than the old R4 and SX-M32. It’s a KT systems one made for a 302/744 sized things. I’m pretty sure limiters on the mix will be available in the next software update, whenever that appears but I’ve been ok running my mix at +10dB (you can push it as far as +20dB) and if it clips in the mix it’s still there in the ISOs. I found the 688 limiters to be good, actually- you can hit them pretty hard without clipping (although you can really hear the limiter) I did a test with some other mixers (including an SX-ST and my AD149) and I thought they were only beaten by the cooper. I don’t think 32bit should make any difference as the theoretical limit of 24bit is 144dB

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