Cabling and Commerce

Recently I’ve been making quite a few cables, including my own camera umbilical and tails. This has been a new adventure into soldering smaller connectors with more pins, but it’s no more difficult than putting standard electronic components onto a board really. The scary thing is paying over £10 per connector in some cases.

Anyway, after I’d bought 100m of mic cable and some connectors in bulk I thought I’d offer some to friends for a reasonable price. As that seems to work I thought there’s nothing to lose in offering it to the general public, so here’s my shop.

It’s all good quality stuff (same that I’m using), Neutrik, Hirose, Switchcraft etc connectors, nice flexible cable

After a few requests I’m also doing contact microphones and coils. Contact Mics are sealed in Plasti-Dip (Nicolas Collins style), so should last a bit longer and be slightly waterproof (although I can’t guarantee this)

There should be most common configurations of cables and connectors up there as options, but please send me an email/DM for any custom requests. I’ve also got an IDC crimp so should be able to do replacement ribbon cables for things like Mackie mixers and Pro Tools TDM connectors

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