Tiny Shotgun

I’ve also got a new boom mic for general purpose doco work.  I’ve had a couple of minor issues with the AKG- although they sound fine (especially the hypercardioid), they have had a few crackles and pops when in humid conditions, such as being outside all night.  They’re also a bit heavy with the shotgun capsule for one handed doco booming.

Mics which use an RF condenser principle (Sennheiser MKH series and Rode NTG-3) are more resistant to moisture and will work in more extreme conditions.  I’d also heard a lot of good things about Sennheiser’s tiny MKH8060, so tried one out and decided to buy it.

It’s got a little bit of a high frequency boost (as shown on the mic’s frequency response chart), which seems to bring out dialogue a bit more and gives the sound a little ‘sparkle’.

With that I needed to get a windshield sorted.  After looking at the measurements, even though Rycote suggested a WS3 windshield kit, I’d also seen the WS2-MZL kit (with an MZL connbox, which will work with this mic).  However with no additional modules or filters the 8060 will fit in a WS1 with the MZL connbox.  I phoned up Rycote to make sure this was correct and they even made up a new part number: 086067 (WS1-MZL kit).  I also bought a ‘Tac!t” cable, which contains a steep 18dB/octave high pass filter at 60Hz, which should eliminate low frequency handling noise.

It’s also considerably smaller and lighter than the AKG CK69 setup which fits in a WS4 and weight about 850g, while the 8060/WS1 weight a bit less than 500g.  This will make a lot of difference at the end of a long pole.


New Recorder

I’ve just gone and purchased a recorder- a Sonosax SX-R4.  A rare second hand example came up and I thought I couldn’t really miss the chance to get it.

It may be small but can record up to 8 channels on HDD, plus a 2 track mix on CF card.  It’s also got 4 excellent Sonosax preamps (the same as in my 3 channel mixer), although less precise control over LF cutoff points.

I’ll be looking to make some additions to it in time, I still need to make up cables for timecode and the accessory port, so I can use the digital in. And I’d like to use a passive mixer to allow greater control of my mix, feeding that back into the M32 mix bus. I think I’ll look into putting one together myself.  There’s also a serial bus in the accessory port – I’ve sent Sonosax an email to see what that can do (possible remote commands?).