Stuff for sale

Clearout time…  Here’s some stuff I find I just don’t really use, if you don’t think the price is right, feel free to send me an offer:

RME Quadmic, older design front panel, same specs £175

Neurosky Mindset EEG headset- can be used to send brainwave signals to MIDI etc £100

Sony MDR-CD1700 headphones £100 SOLD

Philip Rees MM5 Midi foot controller £75 SOLD

AKG SE300B/CK93 hypercardioid mic  £130 SOLD
CK98 short shotgun capsule (broken)- offers

Yoga EM-268 Stereo mic.  Cheap electret mic for field recorders £5, or a beer

Peavey PC1600 Midi fader controller.  Couple of faders a bit dodgy, no PSU included- offers

Sony BC-1WA NP1  battery charger (NIMH).  Broken.  Take it.

Glyph FW400 Hard Drive (320GB), fan’s a bit noisy. £20

Tascam HD-P2 £300 SOLD

Marian ADCON £100 SOLD

Edirol / Roland R-44 £500

Rycote G3 short boompole £100

and.. although I love it, it doesn’t get used enough so:
Dave Smith Poly Evolver Rack £650 SOLD

Moog MF107 Freqbox £220

Sound Devices 552 (internal view)

I’ve just bought a Sound Devices 552 for quite a reasonable price, due to a fault where the power input’s shorted (it’s fully functional using AA batteries).  I opened it up to see if it was something I’d be able to fix, but it looks like it’s something on the big surface mount board (possibly just a protection diode), so I won’t be touching that- it’ll be visiting Shure.

Anyway, I took some photos while it was open. Note the in-jokes on the PCBs, the sheer amount of electronics they’ve crammed in there and all those transformers: